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I personally recommend LT Global Staffing

"After joining HAPL, I attended socials – whether or not I worked the asset the social was focused on. At the Rockies Social I met Melinda Barton, President of LT Global Staffing (Michael Mann’s firm). I’m sure everyone knows Melinda. She is always cheerful and always supporting and promoting HAPL. I told Melinda I was working in-house contract, but wanted to be an “employee” or “in-house PERM” as she called it. Linda went to work, and before I knew it, she had placed me for an interview with El Paso. The interview went well and I was hired! I was in! It was a great fit and I learned a lot there. I also met some great Landmen that are close friends. 

 I personally recommend LT Global Staffing. 

-Allyson Johnstone Howard, CPL 

2018-2019 President Houston Association of Professional Landmen"

Allyson Johnstone Howard, CPL


HAPL 1st Vice President

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